The Light Revolution

YOu can triumph over trauma, innovate your healing and design life 

on your terms. Even if you have been struggling for years

A custom plan crafted to fit your Energy.

energy clearings, spiritual guidance, high impact techniques, and classes all designed to create more happiness, freedom, and laughter in your life.

forget typical never ending shadow work.

Energy work, high impact truth, and classes all designed to get your mind to shut the f* up to sky rocket happiness, and live passionately

Free your inner child.

Re connect to that fun loving, creative, adventure seeking voice deep within.

 Feel great

Seriously! Is there anything more important that this? Life is meant to be fun!

Re connect to the rythm of the universe.


Learn how to care for crystals, tap into your energy field, clear your own blocks

1-1 Sessions

Most often described as finding the missing puzzle piece on your path, these sessions remove blocks and infuse new possibility into your future

Energy healing

The energy you emit, determines what comes into your life. Are you aware of whats in your frequency bands?

a new way to think about you

The light revolution gives you incredible results in less time.

forget typical boring routines.

Re-Awaken the magic of the universe within 

One on one 

Workshop sessions





a new way to think about you

connect @the.lightrevolution




The light Revolution

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