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You are no longer on your own

Group Walk throughs

Like a great work out class we can go further in a group, even when doing inner work. 

Private consulations

Free the inner child. Align your frequency. Hear what your soul has been trying to tell you

Vibrational help

Set a new Quantum Signature 

Alchemy guides

The Universe has so many secrets to share with you we go from the basics of gratitude, and feeling your own energy, into more advanced topics like the astral realms 

Soul Coaching

Its been knocking you over the head for years, get clairty on what your soul is trying to tell you.

Life coaching

Transform limitations into freedoms, its easier with help

A step-by-step proven system that works

When it comes to our spiritual path the inner child can block you or launch all that you are, and there are so many misconceptions to it

Clear up the myths, pitfalls and confusion of limitations set in childhood and restore the vibrancy of your soul.

Mystical made understandable

Simple, clear teachings on how the universe/soul/consciousness works, and ways to utilize it in your life to win the game


Learn about your Quantum Signature and how to get it to magnitize opertunity.

Take off

Add rocket fuel to your life, by understanding how it all works together

Get lit

Light up your life!

You are no longer on your own

I am new to this universe thing, where do I start?

Understanding where to start is the biggest step. Follow what you feel excited about. But our team is always here to make suggestions if you need them. Just ask

What is the inner child?

The inner child is different than childhood. Most teachings address them as the same thing. Check out our gift to you at the top of the page. This teaching will give our version of the difference.

What is a Quantum Signature?

This is all of the energy that surrounds your body, in is are the thoughts, ideas and perceptions that make up your world, it includes your aura, chakras, energy bodies and a lot of little known energy centers that make all of the difference

How do I book a session?

Email us and we will get right on making an appointment that is a win win. Email Hours are Tuesday-Friday 10am Mst to 3 pm MST. 

Do you to Reiki?

There are many talented Reiki artists out there. This is not Reiki it is a more hands on approach.

Is this science based or woo woo?

Nope not woo woo...its a fist pumping woo-hoo. Quantum mechanics is the closest explanation I can give you. That is that your perception on this planet determines how things play out. Science has even has stated your eyes dont see images they see rods and cones of light then translate them into meaningful images.....everything here is vibration and light. I will help you understand that deeper and apply it to your life 

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Tania Kebernik

Proven systems loved by thousands


Right from the beginning of my session with Tania I felt seen. She gets to the core of your being and articulates it in a way that is very resonating and clear. She has a beautify way of being direct with the information you need to hear in a loving and understanding way. She helped me see the choices I made built the woman I am today, and then undo the ones that were keeping me stuck. Tania expresses wisdom in a simple clear easy to follow way and I listen to everything that woman says. She is a rare gem that I feel everyone would benefit to receive some clarification in their lives for understanding themselves more fully. Thank you Tania

- Danno 

"The best"

Tania is such a gifted intuitive. I've had the pleasure of working with Tania a number of times through individual sessions as well as a Quantum Signature Weekend Retreat a few years ago. Tania creates a safe, judgment free, nurturing environment for her clients and tackles the issues that are relevant to the person in that moment of time. I have benefited tremendously from out time together and would recommend Tania's services to anyone regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey.

- Kasia 

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